Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Shtudy?

Shtudy is an innovative platform that bridges the gap between talent recruiters and highly qualified tech professionals. Our mission is to promote diversity and inclusion in the tech industry by offering a diverse pool of candidates actively seeking employment opportunities. We firmly believe that a diverse workforce drives innovation and leads to greater success. By empowering employers to tap into our extensive talent pool, we enable the formation of diverse teams that bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the table. Shtudy is committed to equal access to employment opportunities for underrepresented groups, reshaping the tech industry landscape, and celebrating the power of diversity. Join us in fostering a more inclusive future for tech.

At Shtudy, we utilize a cutting-edge screening data algorithm combined with expert human intelligence to ensure the quality of our tech talent. Our vetting process involves several stages to identify the best candidates:

1. Resume Review: We start by reviewing each candidate's resume to ensure they meet our basic criteria for location, education, skills, and experience. To eliminate bias, we employ an automated tool, resulting in a fair initial screening process. Approximately 60% of candidates move past this stage.

2. Technical Assessment: Candidates gain access to a wide range of coding challenges, courses, and technical assessments. Upon employer request, candidates complete a technical assessment tailored to their field. Our assessments combine automated and human-reviewed evaluations to ensure fair and accurate assessment of candidates' skills and expertise.

3. Behavioral Interview: We conduct behavioral interviews to evaluate candidates' soft skills, including communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. Our trained interviewers use empathy and intelligence to assess the candidate's compatibility with the company's culture and values.

4. Interest in Your Company & Workplace Preferences: We collect workplace preferences from each candidate to enhance the chances of finding their ideal job and connecting them with employers who align with their preferences. This saves valuable time for both parties. Additionally, we conduct background checks to verify work history, skills, and character, utilizing a standardized set of questions to gather relevant information.

5. Diversity and Inclusion Review: We prioritize fairness and equity in our hiring process. We conduct a diversity and inclusion review, tracking the demographics of our candidate pool and evaluating our selection process. This ensures that we attract and select candidates from diverse backgrounds, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

By employing this comprehensive and inclusive talent vetting process, we identify highly qualified candidates for our clients while fostering diversity and inclusion. Through Shtudy, companies can confidently increase representation and find exceptional tech talent that aligns with their needs.

Shtudy, based in Palo Alto, offers a seamless solution for skilled remote developers seeking opportunities with renowned Silicon Valley firms. With just a click of a button, our platform empowers top tech talent of color to secure coveted positions in the industry. Leading the way is Geno Miller, a highly successful serial entrepreneur hailing from Prince George's County, Maryland, located a mere 10 minutes away from Washington D.C. Our commitment to social impact and DEI is reinforced by the support of prominent investors such as Camelback Ventures, the Torrey Project, and Black Ambition Prize.

The Benefits of Using Shtudy: Promoting Diversity and Driving Tech Success

1. Access to a Diverse Talent Pool: Shtudy provides access to a vast talent pool of highly qualified tech professionals from diverse backgrounds. By leveraging our platform, employers can tap into this diverse talent pool, which brings fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to their teams.

2. Enhanced Innovation and Creativity: A diverse workforce fosters a culture of innovation and creativity. By using Shtudy, employers can build teams with diverse skill sets, experiences, and perspectives, leading to increased innovation and problem-solving abilities.

3. Improved Recruitment Efficiency: Shtudy streamlines the recruitment process by connecting employers directly with pre-vetted tech professionals. This saves time and resources typically spent on traditional hiring methods, allowing companies to quickly identify and engage with top talent.

4. Promoting Inclusion and Equity: Shtudy is dedicated to promoting inclusion and equity in the tech industry. By actively supporting underrepresented groups, we contribute to a more equitable and diverse workforce, addressing the industry's diversity challenges.

5. Enhanced Company Reputation: By partnering with Shtudy, companies demonstrate their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. This not only enhances their reputation as an inclusive employer but also attracts top talent who value and prioritize diverse work environments.

6. Driving Business Success: Studies consistently show that diverse teams lead to better business outcomes. By leveraging the diverse talent available through Shtudy, companies can drive innovation, improve problem-solving capabilities, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Unlock a Global Talent Pool of 10,000+ Pre-Vetted Technical Candidates from 80+ Countries with Shtudy

Shtudy is proud to connect employers with a vast talent pool of over 10,000 pre-vetted technical candidates hailing from more than 80 countries. Our platform offers unparalleled access to a global network of highly qualified professionals, ensuring that employers can find the perfect fit for their tech roles. By leveraging Shtudy's diverse and extensive candidate database, companies can broaden their reach, tap into worldwide expertise, and discover exceptional talent from various corners of the globe. Join Shtudy today to expand your hiring possibilities and connect with top technical candidates on a global scale.

At Shtudy, we value exceptional talent above all else. While candidates with 3+ years of experience tend to have the highest hire rate, we cater to all outstanding tech professionals regardless of their years of experience. In other words, if you possess exceptional skills and expertise, your years of experience become less significant. We recognize that true talent knows no boundaries, and we are committed to providing opportunities for exceptional individuals to showcase their abilities. Join Shtudy today and let your skills shine, regardless of your experience level!

Shtudy can help your company build a diverse and inclusive team by providing access to a candidate pool where more than 90% self-identify as Black, Latino/a, or Native American. By partnering with Shtudy, you gain the advantage of connecting with pre-vetted, highly engaged tech talent from diverse backgrounds who are genuinely interested in working at your specific company. This enables you to build teams that foster innovation and drive success through a range of perspectives and experiences. With Shtudy's commitment to diversity and their multi-step vetting process, you can streamline your recruitment efforts and find exceptional talent efficiently. By leveraging their platform, you can take a significant step toward building a diverse and inclusive team that reflects the values and goals of your organization.

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