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Our mission is to bridge America's wealth gap through diversity in tech.

We value integrity, creativity and ambition. Here's everything about life at Shtudy.

What is Shtudy?

Shtudy is the #1 end-to-end diversity hiring solution for leading tech companies who prioritize enjoyment and career growth. On Shtudy, companies apply to you. We believe developers and other tech professionals should choose a job they love: whether that’s based on a cutting-edge tech stack, an inspiring team, an inclusive culture, or just good high-paying salary.

Today, Shtudy is the United States' only developer-focused job platform that puts the happiness of the candidate first, and only works with world-class employers who care about your career and well-being.

About Shtudy

Geno was born and raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland, about 10 minutes from Washington D.C. Geno has been growing recruiting teams at profitable SaaS companies for more than 10 years. Geno has founded 4 successful startups since age 14 and has a profound passion for solving social problems that improve peoples' lives.

He serves on the board of multiple entrepreneurial boards, talent and workforce committees and social impact investment funds, including The Torrey Project, America's Small Business Development Center, and the Business Association for People of Color in New Hampshire (BAPOC-NH).

In his leisure time, you can find him listening to Kendrick Lamar or Jay-Z, reading a book about Ray Dalio, blogging about the latest software development and business trends, or brainstorming with other mission-driven tech founders.

Meet our Team

Meet and Greet our Team Members


Geno Miller

Cofounder & CEO


Antisha Walley

Head of Recruiting


Dawud Abdul Manan

Product Manager


Fiona Rintoul

Talent Executive


Olivia Ritota

Talent Development Representative


Sana Abdallah

Sales Development Specialist


Victoria Woodard-Frizzell

Talent Development Representative


Siddiq Roberson

Sales Operations Manager


Ahmed Mamdouh

Full-stack Engineer


Muhammad Zohaib Khurshid Ahmad

Lead Software Engineer

Our Story

Launched in January 2020, Shtudy was founded by Geno Miller when two of his childhood friends, who were elite software developers, struggled to land interviews and job offers from the most innovative companies that genuinely care about the well-being, belonging, and long-term career growth of their employees.

After realizing this was a problem, Geno moved to Palo Alto, California to speak with technical hiring managers, and how drastically more profitable and successful companies that prioritized employee experience and career growth were at attracting and hiring top tier technical talent than their counterparts. The best developers and exciting companies were missing out on each other simply because hiring is broken.

That is exactly the problem Shtudy solves. Our mission is to get elite developers great jobs. Shtudy helps Developers, DevOps Engineers, Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers and Engineering Leaders find jobs they love.

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