Data Scientist - Entry Level ($45000 - $70000)

Shtudy's company mission is to allow qualified diverse tech talent to confidently connect with companies that prioritize workplace inclusion and growth. We have many clients who are looking for skilled data scientists who can execute comprehensive business and product analysis, identify essential performance indicators, and establish objectives for the product team. Advance your career growth and work with a highly-experienced, diverse team of data scientists by applying today.

**At Shtudy, we only connect you with companies that have been pre-vetted for workplace culture, diversity, and inclusion standards. We partner with employers who genuinely care about the welfare and happiness of their employees, and we will always remain free for our candidates.

Employment Type

Full-time - Part-time - Contract - Temporary - Internship

Veteran Status: Not Required

H1B Visa: No

Full Location

Not Specified, Not Specified, Remote

Required Skills

Min Education

Job Responsibilities

* Recognize and solve business problems by performing comprehensive analysis and providing practical recommendations

* Efficiently perform data cleaning, wrangling, mining, as well as quantitative analysis

* Transcend the stats and evaluate user behavior, engagement and interactions by building analytical models

* Collaborate with the engineering and product teams to find solutions and spot patterns and business opportunities

* Guide, assist, and help carry out product launches and decisions

* Establish objectives and influence the product team by presenting data-focused recommendations, and planning and reviewing experiments

* Liaise with the product team to convey business state and experiment outcomes

* Educating the analytics and product teams on standard practices

* Evaluate, define, refine, and keep track of important metrics to figure out the causes of metric changes

* Construct and evaluate dashboards, reports, and data sets to facilitate analysis

* Recommend what to include in upcoming roadmaps

* Evaluate user behavior, ecosystems, and continuing trends

Minimum Qualification

* Bachelor’s/Master’s degree or Ph.D. in Business, Economics, Finance, Maths, Statistics, Science, or Engineering

* Knowledge of data querying and scripting languages, or statistical software

* Hands-on experience in quantitative data analysis, producing reports and communicating findings


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